Jeff Walters, a life in music

Jeff has been playing rock 'n roll since 1957 — on guitar and Hammond B3 organ. Nowadays he performs as a one-man band with a Parker guitar, self-created rhythm tracks and a mellow, well-seasoned voice.

He is also a walking, talking textbook of rock 'n roll history, who entertains his audience between numbers.

Music he regularly covers includes tunes by the Grateful Dead, Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, Eddie Cochran etc.

He plays in wine bars, at weddings, in nightclubs — wherever music lovers get up and boogie. (See the Events page for upcoming gigs.)

Jeff also composes original tunes, available on the album "Right on Time." Click here for samples of music or to purchase his album.

He is available for gigs in the San Francisco North Bay area. Call:

YouTube video of Jeff performing “Candyman”

Jeff at the Hammond B3

Photo of Jeff playing Hammond B-3 (1960s)